Illuminating political alliances within Bangladeshi politics in the East End

Despite being banned from office ex-Mayor Lutfur Rahman remains the dominant force in Bangladeshi politics in east London.

The 2017 General Election is simply a warm-up act for the main event which takes places next year when real power will be won or lost at the 2018 local and Mayoral elections.

LW gets as confused as anyone as to who is who and what is where, especially as some political groups seem intent on being confused with other political groups.

Confused? You will be.

You could be forgiven for thinking this was intentional.

So we drew up a very basic little diagram (or ‘Infographic’ if you a reading this in Shoreditch) to help ourselves. Hopefully it will help you too.

If any of this makes sense then tell the rest of us.

And remember this is the simple version.

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