Police vehicle rammed in Green Bank, vital clue left at scene

Minor drama and major paperwork at 8pm this evening when a MPS Tower Hamlets patrol vehicle was rammed by a van that it was pursuing. Neither of the officers were injured and damage to the police car was superficial.

Unfortunately for those in the van they left behind a quite useful clue – their vehicle registration plate.

MPS Tower Hamlets vehicle after the crash in Green Bank.
MPS Tower Hamlets vehicle after the crash in Green Bank.

By sheer chance and laziness our Wildlife Rangers were doing nothing whatsoever in Wapping Gardens when they noticed a police vehicle getting up some speed on the other side of the park (Tench Street).

10 seconds later there were two loud thumps from the direction of Green Bank just past the Turks Head Cafe and it was not rocket science (or forensic science) to work out what had happened.

Eyewitnesses that LW spoke to at the scene reported that the van (box transit type) came to a sharp halt and then deliberately reversed into the police vehicle – twice – before driving off towards Wapping Lane (as LW witnessed).

Cheeky gits.

Cheeky and, like most criminals, thick as two short planks as in the process of ramming the police vehicle one of the van registration plates fell off and was left behind.

The registration plate was last seen packed in an evidence bag on the bonnet of the police vehicle.

Doesn’t matter that much as vehicles registration details would have been logged well before the crash but at least it makes it a little more difficult to say that vehicle wasn’t at the scene.

Many thanks to our two MPS Tower Hamlets officers who seemed more annoyed than anything else, partly because of the huge amount of paperwork any accident involving a police vehicle causes.

Just as LW was about to press the ‘Publish’ button we saw the officers back on patrol. Correction – that was another police car. Well, they all look the same to us. Seems the paperwork is still being compiled.

Hopefully the idiots who did the damage will soon be pacing the confines of a police cell.