Innocent pedestrians? “I don’t give a f**k” says driver of crashed car

Last night there was another car crash in Wapping, a driver lost control of his Mercedes because he was driving too fast and destroyed several bollards at the junction of Stockholm Way and Thomas More Street.

Wrecked car and unrepentant driver looking very sorry for himself

This morning the Mercedes was still marooned on the wrecked bollards (above) when Love Wapping, alerted by residents, turned up to take some photos of the latest in a series of car crashes in Wapping that had been the subject of a residents meeting with the police only the previous evening.

A local resident has informed us via Twitter of that they witnessed last night.

[It happened] about midnight. Police said they’d be out within an hour but weren’t. A passing police car found it at about 1:30

He [the driver] tried to flee the scene in the car. It was beached so he got out and tried to push it free. Then he and his girlfriend casually left

He came back with mates, waited for the police to leave and they all tried to free it. The police came back when they were trying again

Many thanks for the info from residents for this story.

A conversation of sorts

LW did not immediately realise who the gentleman standing near the car was at first but when we started taking photographs a conversation of sorts ensued.

Stockholm Way junction Thomas More Street

“How did you crash your car?” LW asked.

“I’m not from round here and took the bend too fast,” said Idiot Car Driver Boy

“Where you drinking or on drugs?”

“No I wasn’t,” was the response.

Two Wapping residents walked past and asked after the health of the driver.

We don’t care about the guilty, only the innocent

At this point the driver, who did not want to be named, complained to LW that he was the only one who had not asked him if he was OK?

“That’s because I don’t care about you, I only care about the innocent people who you could have killed when you crashed,” was the response of LW.

Idiot car driver boy seemed upset by this lack of concern for his welfare. He was also a little miffed by LW continuing to take photos during the conversation but we kept our thoughts to ourselves as he made his feelings known.

“Haven’t you got better things to do?” (Answer – no. This is the best thing we do.)

“You must have too much time on your hands” (Not really, we just like to be able to give incidents like this maximum publicity)

As you can see from the photograph below the Mercedes (EU65 WWJ) below had crashed at a speed high enough to completely destroy two iron bollards embedded in concrete.

Idiot Car Driver Boy then returned to his favourite subject – his own well being.

“I don’t give a f**k” about innocent people

Again he complained that our usually caring, sharing photographer had not asked if he had been injured.

“We have too many people speeding round Wapping and crashing. I don’t care about you, I only care about innocent people walking along the street you could have killed. You don’t seem too bothered about that,” we said.

“I don’t give a f**k” was the response.

“Is that your public statement then?” we asked – always best to check.

“I just don’t give a f**k” was the reply yet again.

Damage to front of Mercedes caused by destroying bollards

At this point LW left the scene and left Idiot Car Driver Boy to wait for his car, if not his pride, to be rescued.

LW Comment

Last night Wapping was talking about people speeding in cars, this morning we have yet another example of this problem. The location of the crash was only 20m from the previous crash at Kennet Street.

Idiot Car Driver Boy must have been driving at a reasonable clip to lose control of a Mercedes in such small roads such as Thomas More Street.

The car would almost certainly have travelled further if it had not become impaled (and hopefully very badly damaged) on the remaining stubs of the bollards.

Odd that according to the tweet above from a Wapping resident he ran away after the crash. Maybe he had the sudden urge for some exercise.

As to his excuse that he was not from around here as some justification for losing control and crashing at speed? Let’s not go there.

We are not aware of what, if any, sanctions the police may impose on Idiot Car Driver Boy.

If he has not made a formal statement to the police admitting that he was driving too fast last night LW is more than happy to provide a sworn statement regarding this morning’s conversation.

Many residents might also think it might be nice for him to be billed for repairing the bollards and pavements he damaged. £1,000 might be appropriate. (Any more accurate estimates let us know).

After all if he does not pay for his actions residents and the Council will.

The only positive thing about this latest crash is that the insurance of Idiot Car Driver Boy will surely rocket, and with any luck be so high that he cannot afford to insure another vehicle.

This incident reinforces the concerns raised last night at the police and residents meeting that one day soon some innocent person will be killed.

LW has a nasty feeling that one of us is to be needlessly sacrificed for want of joined up action by the authorities. Any volunteers?



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  1. I doubt that he pays insurance.
    More importantly, if you look at the way that corner is designed it’s way too rounded for a residential area which encourages taking corners at high speed- you see it all the time even when there isn’t an accident.

    We need to make sure that roads are designed to keep speeds down by using raised tables and square turnings. Problem is motorists see themselves as more of a ‘group’ then pedestrians so streets are shaped to suit cars not pedestrians.

    1. Thanks very much for your comment Theo, you seem to know what you are talking about. If you would care to do a more detailed analysis of the roads in Wapping it would be hugely useful to everyone.

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