#holewatch – Mystery of Large Hole Deepens at Brewhouse Lane

Today has seen little activity at the site of the proposed King Henry / Phoenix Wharves development next to Brewhouse Lane but lots oin activity behind the scenes by the Council. You can read the details of today’s #holewatch here. 

The issue is why development work has started on-site when the planning application is still that – an application. Last week residents met to discuss the controversial Construction Management Plan (CMP) and all of a sudden holes are being dug. To be exact one large hole.

Hole purpose?

Thanks to Chris of Bridewell Place for telling LW that it would seem that the hole is for the foundation of a luffing crane as pictured. (Oddly the Wikipedia link shows a luffing crane to be different from the image taken from the CMP).

Luffing crane.

This image is taken from the CMP (PA_17_00453_S-CONSTRUCTION_MANAGEMENT_PLAN_-_AMENDED-1274948.pdf).

The plan is for the luffing crane to be sited on the waste ground, presumably on top of the hole once some concrete is poured in. Here is the overall plan:

Plan view of King Henry / Phoenix Wharves development site.
Plan view of King Henry / Phoenix Wharves development site.er

Top left of the plan you will see a little blue crane-like object, the luffing crane.

Here is a closer view of that section with the blue crane object central.

Question is that the location of the foundations for the luffing crane seem to be more central to the site on the plan than in reality. The hole seems much closer to the entrance in Brewhouse Lane.

The photo below, taken before the wooden shuttering was added, gives another view but it is still quite tricky to work out where the hole, foundations and crane really should be.

Maybe the workmen were reading their plan upside down?  These things happen. But normally after a planning application has been granted and so become planning permission.

Note the difference in wording there? Application / Permission.

Late this afternoon LW learned directly from the office of Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs that the Council has requested action to stop (and fix) this issue and we should be able to give you an update on this tomorrow.


One thought on “#holewatch – Mystery of Large Hole Deepens at Brewhouse Lane

  1. The position of the blue crane on the diagram is a distraction. The key shows the red circle no 5 is the site of the crane – and this about where the new hole is. Well spotted Chris from Bridewell.

    I still want to know the path the crane will swing over. Remember, there was a crane collapse at 21 Wapping Lane – this is a much busier area.

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