#holewatch King Henry & Phoenix Wharves latest

Very little to report about activity at the King Henry and Phoenix Wharves development site today.  The Council issued a brief statement from Cabinet Member for Strategic Development Cllr. Rachel Blake yesterday:

“We are aware that there has been construction activity on the King Henry’s Wharf site.  An approved Construction Management Plan is a condition of the planning permission and there is currently no approved Construction Management Plan in place.

We had a very productive meeting with residents on site last week and are following up with the applicant on the preparation of a satisfactory Construction Management Plan.

We are monitoring the situation very closely and this activity does not in any way change the condition for an approved Construction Management Plan to be in place.”

Those working nearby who have been parking their cars on the waste ground for years are understandably more than a little fed up as they have been told they cannot park there anymore as the photo of the notice stuck on their windscreens shows.

Questions raised with Tower Hamlets Council are not likely to be fully answered before Tuesday due to the Bank Holiday weekend but local residents are keeping an eye out for any interesting activities in the meantime.

The Wapping Mole continues to dig around of course as this is very much a hole-centric story so is natural territory for him. Moley would like to express his thanks for the various bits of information that are coming in from residents.

Moley would like to remind you that you can always reach him courtesy of LW via the usual hello@lovewapping.org email address. 



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