Lutfur Rahman’s 2018 Mayoral campaign continues unchecked

Lutfur Rahman is still thumbing his nose at the authorities as his campaign to get back in power – if not in office – continues irrespective of his failed attempt to register ‘Tower Hamlets Together’ as a political party.

Those familiar with the details of the ex-Mayor’s campaign, speaking to LW on condition of anonymity, said that Rahman has a team of between 15 and 20 people who are knocking on doors across the borough on his behalf.

The canvassing team are all paid for their work. The source of this financing is unclear at the present time. Lutfur Rahman declared himself bankrupt after being banned from office.

Lutfur’s team are telling people they speak to on the doorstep that he will ‘win’ the judicial review of the Electoral Court result in May,” said our source. “He is telling people that the campaign of Cllr. Ohid Ahmed [to become Mayor] is his own one really.”

Vote Ohid, get Lutfur

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All of the above makes perfect sense. It is exactly how Rahman and Tower Hamlets First operated when in power. running their own ‘shadow’ Council administration which completely ignored the law of the land and any other rules and regulations they did not wish to adhere to.

Lutfur Rahman is banned from seeking public office until 2020.  To sidestep this minor inconvenience Cllr. Ohid Ahmed is running as the Mayor of the ‘Independent’ group on Tower Hamlets Council and if he wins then one of Cllr. Ahmed’s first moves will be to appoint Lutfur Rahman in an ‘advisory’ capacity.

That’s ‘advisory’ as in ‘Do this Ohid, do that Ohid, another cup of tea Ohid’.

One – or both – of these men could be the next Mayor.

Which means that the London Borough of Tower Hamlets will revert to the same disfunctional state that it became during Rahman’s first tenure as Mayor.

Council grants will be awarded as ‘treats’ to community groups that can deliver the most votes for Rahman, not those who deserve them. Lunch clubs will charge £20 a head for ‘lunch’ which costs only £2 per head to produce. Youth Services will be used as the personal fiefdom of Rahman with the remit to do what they want, spend public money how they want as long as they do what matters – deliver votes for the corrupt people in charge. The personal details of Council tenants will be stolen and entered into a secret database to consolidate Rahman’s grip on power.

Democracy subverted once more?

If this happens then democracy in Tower Hamlets will be subverted once more.

Last week a police office was murdered protecting democracy in Westminster. So how come democracy seems not be protected in Tower Hamlets?

Why did an incredibly brave public servant gives his life when others continue to turn a blind eye to political corruption which is as great a threat as any deranged criminal with a knife?

We may yet see Lutfur Rahman  being ferried around the borough in a black Mercedes once more.

Question for the DCLG and its Commissioners – what the hell do we do now?

Mercedes-Benz S350
Mercedes-Benz S350



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