Poplar HARCA homes now sold

All of the 47 homes that Poplar HARCA put up for auction last week have already been sold.

It seems the Poplar HARCA Chief Executive ignored Mayors Biggs’ plea to “take the opportunity to work with me to prevent this happening”.


“Betrayal of principle”

In a press statement Mayor Biggs expressed his anger, calling the decision a ‘disgraceful betrayal’.

biggs gla
Mayor John Biggs

“It’s disgraceful betrayal that instead of talking to the Council to keep these properties in public ownership Poplar HARCA insisted on auctioning them off.

Poplar HARCA was set up to provide affordable housing for local people, this decision was a betrayal of that principle. I made clear to HARCA that the Council was more than willing to purchase the properties. I have no idea why they refused to listen but their decision has meant these properties ending up in private hands.

We need more social housing in Tower Hamlets not less.”

No reaction to the news of the sales as yet from Mayor Biggs.



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