GLA grills Met Police today over electoral fraud inaction

This morning the Greater London Authority Police and Crime Committee have invited the Metropolitan Police along to City Hall to have a little chat.

The subject is one that is close to the hearts of any law-abiding Tower Hamlets resident, how the Met Police go about tackling allegations of electoral fraud and malpractice.

Or more accurately how on earth the Met Police completely ignore allegations of electoral fraud and malpractice and why?

Biased? Us? We sure are.

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The GLA Police and Crime Committee examines the work of the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC), which oversees the Metropolitan Police.

LW has already touched on the curious issue of why 50% of all reports of alleged electoral crime for the entire UK are from Tower Hamlets – but no-one ever gets convicted for anything.

Today’s committee meeting could become quite lively as this is, as far as we aware, the first time that the Metropolitan Police has to justify their lack of interest in electoral wrongdoing in public.

You can watch the proceedings live here.

The Police and Crime committee starts at 10am, the really interesting bit will probably be a little while later.

Rumour is that the Wapping Mole has burrowed into City Hall and is already in his seat.

The ‘invited guests’ to the Police and Crime committee include:

Part One

Then in Part Two the above are joined by:

  • Tower Hamlets Commissioner Sir Ken Knight CBE QFSM (Sent in by DCLG to sort the Town Hall out)
  • Tower Hamlets Executive Mayor John Biggs (Sent in by the borough voters to sort the Town Hall out)
  • Tower Hamlets Councillor Peter Golds CBE (Tireless campaigner against voting fraud)
  • Francis Hoar, Barrister (Who won the electoral petition brought against Lutfur Rahman and is rightly considered to be a rising star by the legal profession. )

LW will be writing up todays events later but we do encourage you to watch the live stream in the meantime.

We might do some of the whole ‘live tweeting’ thing. Maybe.

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