Half of all UK voting fraud allegations reported in Tower Hamlets

Out of 455 allegations of electoral fraud that have been reported to Scotland Yard in the last five years half came from Tower Hamlets.

The figures are contained in published correspondence between Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime and Steve O’Connell, Chairman of the GLA Police and Crime Committee the statutory body that keeps an eye on the Metropolitan Police, Mayors Office for Policing And Crime aka MOPAC.

To the surprise of no-one in the borough there were no prosecutions of anyone for electoral fraud. See the list of actions and prosecutions taken from the report below:


While some use these statistics to reinforce their claim that there has been no electoral fraud in Tower Hamlets others consider that they show that the Met Police has failed to do its job properly. 

Suspect sentence

Why is LW returning to this issue now? Well we found one paragraph of the report that we consider to be unbelievable. Here it is with the suspect sentence underlined by the Wapping Mole’s red pen:


And here is the text of the above screenshot.

“Due to the specialist and complex nature of the legislation, advice is south at various stages of this process from the CPS Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Division. There has been insufficient evidence to bring a criminal prosecution in the vast majority of case (see breakdown below). Following extensive investigations and reviews, no evidence had been found of an orchestrated system of electoral malpractice either by geographical location (for example Tower Hamlets) or by any specific party.”

Youwhatwhere? No evidence of any orchestrated system of electoral malpractice either by geographical location or by any specific party?

Where were they looking? The Nevada desert? The West Country? An alternative reality known only to themselves?

Probably. Which would explain a lot.

Because the Metropolitan Police is wrong. There has been systematic electoral malpractice in Tower Hamlets for years. It has been carried out by Lutfur Rahman’s Tower Hamlets First party aided and abetted by Islamic Forum Europe (IFE) who are in turn a front for Jamaat-e-Islami. (Don’t worry too much folks, less sinister than they sound.)

“Ignored evidence of fraud”

Peter Golds, Leader of theTower Hamlets Conservative group , says that the lack of prosecutions is because the Met police had clearly “ignored evidence of fraud”.

He also accuses the police of malpractice and doing a tick-box exercise without taking any action.

If Cllr. Golds is correct – and LW believes he is – the question then becomes why would the Met police ignore such activity? Who knows.

LW cannot explain why the Met has done nothing.

We can however explain exactly what they ignored. In fact we have a feeling that the Love Wapping Graphics Department (Infographics Division) might just have something that tells the story.

Excuse us while we see if we can find it. Back soon. Well, sometime this week maybe.

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