None surprised as Independent candidate wins Whitechapel by-election

Independent candidate Shafi Ahmed won yesterday’s Whitechapel by-election with 44.73% of the votes. The various other flavours of ‘Independent’ – previously known as Tower Hamlets First – did not put up a candidate so leaving the field clear for Mr Ahmed.


Little is known about Shafi Ahmed apart from him being ‘a nice bloke’ according to one Tower Hamlets political commentator.

The only realistic challenger to Mr Ahmed, Labour’s Victoria Obaze, came second with a 32% share of the vote.

Turnout was 24.49%.

Whitechapel by-election results

The results of the by-election are below and full results can be found on the Council’s website.

Election Candidate Party Votes %
Shafi Ahmed Independent 1147 44.73% Elected
Victoria Obaze Labour 823 32.10% Not elected
Will Fletcher Conservative 217 8.46% Not elected
Emanuel Tomislav Andjelic Liberal Democrats 173 6.75% Not elected
James Wilson Green 170 6.63% Not elected
Martin Smith UKIP 34 1.33% Not elected

The by-election was the first real test of the more rigorous voting conditions put in place by the DCLG Commissioners to combat endemic voting fraud in the Borough.

To date LW is not aware of any allegations of electoral malfeasance in the by-election.

Well done Shafi!

Congratulations to Mr Ahmed and let’s all hope his behaviour in office is nothing like his predecessor.



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