Parakeet parade in Wapping Gardens

Very cold nights usually lead to lovely bright and clear mornings, perfect for our Wildlife Rangers to indulge in one of their favourite occupations, photographing parakeets. Our Rangers are so keen that they almost got up early this morning but they overslept so they didn’t.

If Kevin the Kingfisher was gracing Wapping Canal with its presence then it would have been a different story.


Most people know the parakeets as ‘those noisy green parrots’ which is reasonably accurate for most purposes.  To be more accurate the Ring-necked parakeet (Psittacula krameri) is the only naturalised parrot in the UK. Presumably it flew in under the radar before this Brexit nonsense. There are around 8,600 pairs in the country now.

Our Rangers have spent a lot of time watching the parakeets as they zoom around Wapping Gardens creating a racket and seemingly having territorial disagreements with the resident crows and the occasional squirrel.


The best place to see parakeets in Wapping Gardens is near the children’s playground. Several of the large trees that surround the playground are parakeet territory and they can often be seen appearing from holes in the tree trunks.


Our Rangers had previously noted that there was one particular hole in a particular tree which the parakeets paid a lot of attention to (photo above) and they were curious to find out why.


After an hour or so watching and taking some photos this morning our Rangers think that the parakeets are obsessed with every hole in every tree in Wapping Gardens.



Our Rangers just happened to have noticed them peeking in one particular hole. Doesn’t seem that there is anything inside.


The parakeets zoom around Wapping Gardens making their presence felt to all and sundry and checking any holes they consider theirs. All of them. That’s a lot of holes in a lot of trees.


Some days, but not every day, there is definitely a stand-off between the parakeets and the crows. While there may be more parakeets than crows the corvids are, in our Rangers opinion, much more ruthless than parakeets. They tolerate the parakeets but that’s it.

Any parakeet nonsense and the crows would be put them in their place.


While the parakeets do their thing our other feathered Wapping residents get on with their daily lives too as the robin above shows.

Wapping Gardens is an excellent place for bird watching and you need no special equipment. All you need to do is stop, watch and listen. It’s not complicated.

This post is for the Wildlife Rangers friends Cath in Brighton and Marie in Wapping (via Belgium). 


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