You only have until 8th December to report issues to ‘Clear Up’ project

Residents, partners, stakeholders and employees of Tower Hamlets Council only have a couple of weeks, until 8th December,  to tell the Council’s ‘Clear Up’ project what they know about corruption and wrongdoing in the Borough. 

James Richardson, a secondee to the Council from the Civil Service, has been appointed as the Clear Up Project Manager and is overseeing the team which aims to encourage people to identify any issues which have not yet been looked into.

“This is a completely independent process, and where possible we will be seeking to protect the anonymity of those who want to come forward,” said James. “As well as giving residents, partners and external stakeholders a chance to raise specific concerns, there is also the same opportunity for staff, so I would urge anyone with any outstanding issues to raise them by 8 December.”

After the 8th of December any issues should be raised through the council’s usual whistleblowing process.

To submit an allegation you can email, fill in an online form, write to Clear Up Team, Mulberry Place, Town Hall, 5 Clove Crescent, London, E14 2BG or directly contact the Commissioners, local MPs or councillors*. Allegations should be as specific as possible.

Suppose the Wapping Mole had best start writing up his list. It’s a long list.

 (*Not the corruptly elected ones, natch!)


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