Youth Service Rapid Response Trucks – some more details

Here is some more detail on those Youth Service trucks. This is a a response to a Members Enquiry (ME) by then Cllr. Gloria Thienel way back in 2013.  The subject is the high level of ASB around the Youth Club mobile bus when parked in Stebondale Street on the Isle of Dogs and is from Dinar Hossain. formerly in charge of Youth Services.

It is worth a read to get a better understanding of what the Youth Club / Youth Service vehicles were used for.  Quite why there should be a lot of ASB around the very people who are supposed to be reducing by ASB is anyone’s guess.

Dear Cllr Gloria Thienel

Re: 1-79528721

Subject: Youth Club Bus-Response

Thank you for your recent enquiry, received on 30th April 2013. I am sorry to hear that you have received complaints of high levels of ASB from a large number of youths around the Youth Service mobile bus parked in Stebondale Street E14.

This is Youth service mobile provisions deployed various designated areas in Tower Hamlets and I am grateful that you have brought this issue to our attention.

Following your enquiry, the Mobile Youth Vehicle is a lorry converted into a youth club to provide activities for young people where there is a lack of provision.  The youth vehicle is located within the designated area to prevent youth related ASB and to ensure the local young people have access to provisions so that they are engaged.

The designated area was identified on a Ward Walk about where residents identified young people causing ASB in the designated area and an intervention was required. We were informed during the walk about that the young people had a tendency to loiter in the buildings and as of result provided a diversionary activity. The vehicles are parked in the dense areas as there is a lack of youth provision within that area, and ASB. Due to this we endeavour to support the young people through diversionary activities.

Furthermore, our staff are trained to engage young people, should they be causing any nuisance such as breaking bottles. In such event the staff will challenge and engage young people.

If the young people are illegally trying to unlock the Boris bikes, then I would suggest the Police to be called. However, it is that very reason why our staff are located in the vicinity to work and engage the young people and ultimately prevent the young people causing ASB.

I sincerely hope that this issue has been resolved now. However should you wish to discuss the matter further, please do not hesitate to contact us using the detail above.

Yours sincerely

Dinar Hossain

Head of Integrated Youth and Community Services (IYCS)

Communities, Localities and Culture

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