Wapping Boy racers – where do they get those flash cars from?

Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche, Range Rover – just a few of the speeding super cars that have been making it extremely dangerous to walk the streets of Wapping in recent weeks. At the weekend the Wapping Racetrack (entry – free) was busy until 2.30am and could be heard in Shadwell.

As we have said before and will say it again now, someone will be killed unless the speeding is stopped. 20mph limit? We don’t think so.

Shiny toys for stupid little boys

Most people are baffled by one simple question – where do these mindless young thugs get their hands on such expensive cars?

LW’s new Car Correspondent was amazed to see a Roller zoom past him at the weekend. A brand shiny new fast Rolls.

See! A Rolls-Royce!

The boy racers hire them. Well, they aren’t going to work for a living until they can afford to buy them, are they?

Unless they are drug dealers of course. Of which more another day.

One of LW’s eagle eyed twitters (@IrvingHilary) took this photograph of a Lamborghini Aventador, UK price around £260,040, parked outside Reardon House last weekend.

Look at the number plate. LH 16 PET.


Here it is in a nice close-up.


Now look at this picture of the very same Lamborghini Aventador LH 16 PET.



And here it is again.


The link between the two was worked out by @jjlon2 – nice spot!

The Lamborghini is one of the many cars rented out by Platinum Executive Travel of Birmingham whose 21-year old son Iqbal aka ‘Lord Aleem’ gets to play with his dad’s toys.

Rich Kid of Instagram ‘Lord Aleem’

Obviously a humble chap.

Seems Iqbal is one of those kids who think the law only applies to other people as you can read in this news story in the Daily Mail, ‘Rich Kid of Instagram ‘Lord Aleem’ is spared driving ban despite being caught doing more than double the speed limit in his dad’s £120,000 Porsche.’

Now before we all jump to conclusions there is no evidence to suggest that Iqbal was driving the Lamborghini in question at the weekend. There again maybe he has friends – or business – in Reardon House and just decided to pop in. Who knows. And who really cares.

The reason for all the above is to let Wapping residents know where at least one of these flash cars is coming from, Platinum Executive Travel

It seems that there are quite a few of these types of flash car hire companies that have sprung up recently serving the needs of ‘petrolheads’ in Tower Hamlets.

Platinum Executive Travel

LH 16 PET – Platinum Executive Travel. Bit of clue. So when we next do our community car spotting, probably next weekend, it might be worth checking to see if any of the other cars have registrations with ‘PET’. Because it may well be that other cars with ‘PET’ in the registration belong to Platinum Executive Travel as well.

So if we see those cars speeding around Wapping or anywhere else in the Borough we will know the place for us and our Council and the authorities to complain to.

Platinum Executive Travel
1272 Coventry Road
B25 8BS

Tel: 0121 706 2900
Fax: 0121 706 4800
Email: sales@platinumet.co.uk

And make sure we notify the police via 101, natch.

On that note if and when you do ring 101 to report speeding or ASB or anything really make sure you ask for a reference and make a note of it.

Police 101 operator going through the motions?

One Wapping resident noticed that the very bored sounding police 101 operator she spoke to last Sunday to report the speeding cars only started typing after she had asked for a reference.

It almost sounded as if the police operator was just listening to our neighbour and not actually taking down a report. Until the reference was asked for.

Now that wouldn’t be happening, would it officer? Nah, of course not.



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  1. The problem is definitely getting worse as the days pass…. A white Audi was written off outside the Ramsgate on Saturday morning by some of Britain’s finest – who calmly smoked a joint waiting for the tow truck to remove the evidence. And then yesterday a blacked out Range Rover – “S70 RTP” was doing the circuit as over 70 mph down the cobbles. Why are the police not doing more to stop this madness….? It is only going to be a matter of time before someone is killed….

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