Tower Bridge closure – it’s gonna be real bad people! Real bad!

Earlier today we sent our intrepid Love Wapping Wildlife Rangers (Iconic Bridges Division) to have a snoop around our local bridge, known by some as Tower Bridge, to see what the reality of the three-month road closure is.

Our Rangers have yet to return. The last we heard from them was the feeble transmission of this image from Tower Hill.

Our local bridge – closed to vehicles until 2017

It is believed our Rangers are still in Sarf Lunnun. May God have mercy on their souls.

Anyway it seems that if you are used to walking to work over Tower Bridge you should allow for extra time. Like about another 30 minutes.

Because even on a quiet Sunday afternoon the normal choke point in the middle of the bridge by the exhibition entrance was, well, choked.

Quite how anyone is going to walk across our local bridge is beyond us.

To add to the fun and games cyclists will have to dismount and push their bicycles across. Ideal, huh? Lots of pedestrians plus lots of frustrated cyclists.

Transport for London might like to consider imposing a one-way system for pedestrians across the bridge because it is going to be real bad there tomorrow. Real bad.

Although this person took a different approach and seems intent on walking across on her hands. How quaint.


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