Hey Flat 8 Tradewinds Court, Asher Way, E1W 2JB – we have found your rubbish!

Even the Wapping Mole needs time off from digging and on his way back from a shopping expedition for some new non-moleskin trousers and not-moleskin notebooks he found some rubbish! How odd weird unusual annoying normal routine is that? Well the odd thing is Moley had just read this tweet from @MayorJohnBiggs.


Mayor Biggs made the very good point (that’s why he is the Mayor) that the Borough’s street sweepers can’t keep everywhere clean by themselves, we need residents to stop littering.

This is what was weird, thought Moley. Two lots of rubbish in Tower Hamlets in one day! You could not make it up. Here is the rubbish Moley found.

Rubbish found in Knighten Street.

Moley often walks past here (Knighten Street just before John Orwell car park) and has noticed that some git of a builder artisan who is doing a lot of work on a flat somewhere in Wapping keeps on dumping large quantities of rubbish on the street.

Which pisses Moley off. Probably pisses the Mayor off as well – but he is too polite to say so (another Mayor thing).

So Moley did what he does best and started digging! Mmm… rubbish!

And below are some photographs of what he found in the pile of rubbish above just to the right of the bookshelf and behind the tasteful coloured suitcase.

Names, addresses, even a pic.


Flat 8 Tradewinds Court, Asher Way, E1W 2JB

Lots of envelopes including the ones above all addressed to people at Flat 8 Tradewinds Court, Asher Way, E1W 2JB.

And a photo of some person too. Who may or may not be one of the people who lives at Flat 8 Tradewinds Court, Asher Way, E1W 2JB. Maybe Mr Chun Kit Andy Liew or Lynn Chua who seems to live at the same address? Or could it be the mysterious T.H.E Occupier who seems to be everywhere!

Either way whoever lives at Flat 8 Tradewinds Court, Asher Way, E1W 2JB the Wapping Mole has found your rubbish for you! And we need no thinks at all!

Now we have found it maybe you would like to come and collect it?

More details on a delivery note. Moley is so sneaky!

Wapping Rubbish Burglars

Obviously there is no allegation whatsoever that the occupants of Flat 8 Tradewinds Court, Asher Way, E1W 2JB are responsible for dumping their rubbish in Knighten Street.

Probably the Wapping Rubbish Burglars. Their Method of Operation (MO) is to steal rubbish at random and then leave it somewhere else.

LW thinks that the Wapping Rubbish Burglars may be the culprits because Knighten Street is nowhere near Asher Way, it is the other side of the canal. In fact it is the other side of Wapping.

Why would any self-respecting residents travel all the way from one side of Wapping to the other to dump some rubbish?

Odder thing is that quite some time ago, probably 18 months, Moley was on scene when some domestic rubbish was found around a public litter bin by the footbridge over the canal.

This was when Moley learnt the ‘dig through the rubbish and see if there are any letters or receipts with addresses’ trick. (Thanks Chris!)

And Moley thinks, despite his failing memory, that the rubbish found dumped then was from Tradewinds Court too!

Oddness piled on oddness. Moley took a pic at the time and might have tweeted it.

So this could be two cases of the Wapping Rubbish Burglars striking in the same place! Incredible. More details as we get them.


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