Wapping welcomes London International Tattoo Convention 2016

If it’s September it must be the London International Tattoo Convention 2016 at Tobacco Dock! This year there are over 400 tattoo artists from all over the world at the convention so if you were wondering why so many people in Wapping have tattoos all of a sudden you now know why.

London International Tattoo Convention 2016

Paul Leech and his three sons dressed in their best attire at the 2011 International Tattoo Convention

The convention runs for three days – 23, 24, 25 September – and you can find out more details about tickets here.

As you can see from the little film we made a few years back the International Tattoo Convention is a amazing window into an artistic subculture than many of us never explore.

But then if you don’t like needles you have a good excuse.

An easy mistake to make is to think that because someone has one or two tattoos (or quite possibly many, many tattoos!) that they eat bricks for breakfast and cause mayhem at any given opportunity.

Los Angeles resident David Mendoza

LW’s Tattoo Reporting Specialists had a nice chat with three gentlemen from Las Vegas and Boston this morning as they finished off their full English breakfasts (not bricks) before getting back to their art at the Convention.

You could not meet more friendlier people and they all said how much they enjoy visiting Wapping and catching up with people at Tobacco Dock.

The reality is that the people at the International Tattoo Convention 2016 are just ordinary people like you and us.

Well, you.

They just like tattoos.

Three members of the My Tattoo studio from southern California display their full body tattoos
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