Mayor establishes independent corruption ‘Clear Up’ team

In an attempt to bring to a close the most shameful period of Tower Hamlet’s history the Council is setting up a ‘Clear Up’ team to rid the borough of the last of Rahman’s corruption.

The team will investigate outstanding allegations which may have taken place between October 2010 and June 2016.

Taking out the trash

To submit an allegation about the council you can submit an email to, fill in an online form at, write to Clear Up Team, Mulberry Place, Town Hall, 5 Clove Crescent, London, E14 2BG or directly contact the DCLG Commissioners, Tower Hamlets police or your local councillor.

Unless of course your councillor is one of the 17 corruptly elected Tower Hamlets First councillors. We still need to get rid of them (probably a job for the DCLG).

A name and evidence will be requested, but the Clear Up Team will seek to protect the anonymity of complainants wherever possible.

8 September and 8 December

The council has pledged that all allegations raised between 8 September and 8 December will be considered by the team, if they haven’t already been looked into through other processes, such as the council’s complaints or whistleblowing process.

“We have taken significant steps to improve how we work in order to build residents’ confidence in the council and our processes. Decisions are taken in a more open and transparent way,” said Will Tuckley, Chief Executive at Tower Hamlets Council.

“We have already acted on information that has come through channels including our strengthened whistleblowing process. This is another opportunity for people to raise concerns and we are committed to taking these seriously and investigating them appropriately before the end of March 2017.”

After approval by the Mayor and DCLG commissioners recruitment of an external experienced project manager is expected to be finalised this month to lead the Clear Up project.

The project manager will oversee a team of external independent investigators who will conduct investigations and present their reports with recommendations to the Clear Up Board.

The Board membership will be a commissioner, Chief Executive Will Tuckley, Monitoring Officer Melanie Clay and Chief Finance Officer Zena Cooke. Reports will be published and made publicly available once completed.

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