Kingfisher spotted flying along Thames foreshore at Wapping

At last! After a long Kingfisher drought in Wapping one of the spectacular little birds was seen flying along the Thames foreshore at around 8am this morning.

As ever our Wildlife Rangers (South Wapping Division) were out on patrol bright and early (well, early) and their dedication was rewarded.

A solitary crow

Our Rangers attention had been caught by a solitary crow who was sitting on the railings by the Thames River Police HQ just watching the tide ebb. Unusually for a crow he was (a) sitting down and (b) completely uninterested in either our Rangers or the nuts they threw towards him (or her). These details will only be of interest to dedicated bird spotters.

The unusually placid demeanour of the crow was interesting enough but just as our Rangers were checking out the other birds on the foreshore they noticed a blue jewel zoom past just above the river’s surface closely following the contours of the shoreline.

Zoom! Kingfisher route along Thames foreshore at Wapping

A kingfisher! Maybe even Kevin? In the blink of an eye it was gone, zooming off south towards Limehouse at its usual incredible speed. The photo above shows its route.

Spectacle of nature

If you have never been lucky enough to see a kingfisher in flight you may find it difficult to understand just why our Rangers were so excited.

Safe to say it is one of nature’s spectacle’s that cannot be adequately described in words. The morning was still grey and gloomy so to suddenly see the azure flash of a kingfisher was quite wonderful.

Let’s hope we see Kevin – or whoever his friend was – again soon.

Kevin the Wapping Kingfisher
Kevin the Wapping Kingfisher


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