Kerzoom!!! Wapping’s streets host another Formula 1 night race (Moron Class)

Loud, wasn’t it? People across central Wapping had their sleep disturbed yet again in the early hours of the morning by boy racers driving round the streets at high speed.

For approximately an hour around 3am this morning the sounds of roaring car engines, squealing tyres and the laughter of complete morons woke people up in and around Watts Street, Tench Street, Green Bank, Wapping Lane and beyond.

By Pro-Zak - Flickr, CC BY 2.0,
Wapping by night? Sounds like a race track so….

At dawn the familiar tyre marks on the tarmac in Watts Street testified to the nonsense that woke people up on the Green Bank estate.

Private race track

It seems the drivers of these cars are not Wapping residents but come from outside E1W to use our relatively quiet streets as their own private race track knowing they are not going to be caught.

That boy racers plague the area is not new and it is simply a matter of time before someone gets injured.

At best this might be a boy racer driving his car into a large brick wall – in which case good riddance.

At worst, and this is far more likely, is that an innocent resident is seriously injured or killed.

During the day this might be a child or elderly person crossing the road.

At night this might be a car going out of control and ploughing into a house or flat.

The exact speed these cars travel at is difficult to judge, but at night eye witnesses report that along Tench Street 50–60mph would be a reasonable guess.

The ‘speed bump’ / chicane outside the entrance to John Orwell Sports Centre is no deterrent to the boy racers.

In fact it seems that they consider the speed bump to be a feature of their race track and actually accelerate over it to see if they can get their vehicles airborne.

They seem to succeed.

Wapping Lane Race Track
Wapping Lane

LW Comment

The issue of cars being driven around Wapping at speed at a risk to all is not a new one yet nothing has been done by anyone in authority.

A pragmatic approach would be to change the roads so that the attraction of Wapping as a race track is reduced.

This might involve serious axle-breaking speed bumps along the affected roads and maybe while this is being considered by numerous committees the traffic police might like to lie in wait for the idiots early morning and arrest them for dangerous driving?

Just a suggestion.

But better than having to arrest one of the idiots for causing death by dangerous driving. That day is rapidly approaching.

Note: Any MPS traffic officers who do find themselves in Wapping will be treated to as many scones as they can eat. 

This is LW’s idea of a suitable speed bump for Wapping. Without the warning sign.
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