Tower Hamlets Council takes part in National Fraud Initiative

Ouch! If you are fiddling the council it looks like you are just about to get found out as Tower Hamlets is taking part in a countrywide anti-fraud data matching exercise.

The 2016 National Fraud Initiative (NFI) is being managed by the Cabinet Office and data being matched includes:

  • Tenancy and right to buy records
  • Payroll and pension details
  • Housing benefit records
  • Parking permits and blue badge records
  • Personal budget records
  • Funded care home records
  • Council’s creditor payments
  • Insurance claimants
  • Registered market traders
  • Alcohol licence holders

All of the above will be searched for matches so if you have been telling little white lies to one agency and other little lies to another agency then the data matching procedure will catch you out.

In other words you are totally screwed.

Do the right thing

However it does seem that if you are up to something you should not be and want to do the right thing and come clean then you might be best off contacting the Council first before you get a knock on your door early one morning.

Remember that the list above just mentions the extra databases which will be searched – this is on top of the existing stuff like the electoral role, Companies House and the little known but very powerful system which all the mortgage lenders use to cross reference their loans. That is so secret we cannot even mention its existence.

The initiative “aims to protect public funds and support investigations of fraud” which seems fair considering historic events in Tower Hamlets. 

To report a fraud in confidence, contact the team on 0800 528 0294 or e mail

Cllr. David Edgar

Councillor David Edgar, Cabinet Member for Resources, said: “Our fraud team have a good track record of working with local and national agencies to stamp out fraud and protect the public purse. The NFI will further support our work in this area.”

For more information

National Fraud Initiative


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