Cllr. Dockerill asks Mayor & police to crack down on ‘boy racers’

Cllr. Julia Dockerill, Conservative councillor for our ward, has taken up the issue of the ‘boy racers’ that currently plague Wapping’s street with the Mayor and Tower Hamlets police.

Early this morning, around 1.30 am, residents were once again woken by the sound of four cars screeching around Wapping.

julia-dockerill-webI have seen the various tweets on this and seen and heard the problem myself. I think one of the issues is the lack of road enforcement operations which make people believe they can race around here with impunity.” said Cllr. Dockerill.

“Every time I hear one of the engines rev up Wapping Lane, my blood goes cold imagining that a pedestrian might be in the road. “

 “I raised the issue in a meeting I had this morning with Mayor Biggs and asked that he presses the police for high profile enforcement operations to send a message out that you will get caught in Wapping if you drive recklessly.

I have not once seen a traffic enforcement team in the ward and I think it would only take a couple of police officers with speed cameras, particularly in the early hours, for the message to get around.”


Let’s hope Cllr. Dockerill succeeds!

Update Tuesday 30th August 2016

Cllr. Denise Jones

Our other Cllr. Denise Jones (Labour) has also raised this issue with the Council despite being on her holidays (hence delay).

Denise has asked the Head of Public Realm at the Council, Roy Ormsby, to “please look into all the possible solutions to this as soon as possible before a serious accident occurs, as well as the addressing the issue of ASB.”

LW understands that the ‘boy racer’ issue may be discussed at the Oversight & Scrutiny (O&S) council meeting this Thursday.

LW Comment

Some very naughty people have suggested that if we can’t get the traffic police to give the ‘boy racers’ a warm Wapping welcome then we should hire on of these:

One way to sort out the Wapping ‘boy racer’ problem.

However LW would like to point out that hiring an Apache attack helicopter to patrol our streets is just not on – the fuel costs would be horrendous.

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