Fitz Weekly – Jim Fitzpatrick MP Newsletter Friday 1st July 2016

It’s been a very weird week in Tower Hamlets and beyond so thought it might be interesting for you to read part of our MP Jim Fitzpatrick’s newsletter, Fitz Weekly.

After the recent murder of Wapping resident Jo Cox MP having a better insight into what our MP gets up to during the working week and his views on some of the key issues of the day may well be of use to many, irrespective of political beliefs.

No prizes for guessing how Jim voted!

The below text is unedited from the original. You can read that original full version here.

Future of the Labour Party

You will have seen David Cameron resign last week, prompting a Tory leadership contest and possibly a General Election later this year. Taking this into consideration, the past few months and the results of the EU referendum, I sadly do not see Jeremy Corbyn taking us to Government. It may be the case that we have new leaders of both parties very soon. If you are up to date with the news, you will have seen many Labour colleagues resigning from their positions in Jeremy’s cabinet, some even resigning from their new positions. On Tuesday there was a secret ballot where it was determined that the Parliamentary Labour Party has no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn as leader. It is becoming overwhelmingly apparent that it may be time for Jeremy’s departure.

Outcome of the EU Referendum

Like many Poplar and Limehouse residents, I am disappointed with the result of the EU referendum. However, I am pleased that overall, as a Borough, Tower Hamlets voted to remain. 67.5 per cent (73011) of the votes went to remain, leaving 32.5 per cent (35224) to leave. Thank you to everyone who came out to campaign and canvass for the IN vote, your hard work has not gone unnoticed.

Second referndum

There have been calls for a second referendum; I personally do not think going back to square one is the best way forward. We need to accept the public’s decision and move on, especially when a General Election is on the horizon. We should be united as a community, a city and country. Sadly this is not the case. I am horrified by the recent outburst in hate crimes across London and the UK.

Report hate crimes

I urge residents to report any incidents to the police and the police to do all they can to keep everyone in our community safe as I am sure they are doing. The outcome of the referendum is not a legitimisation of racism or intolerance.

Despite this outcome, I am certain Britain still has a bright future and I am determined to do all I can in Parliament to ensure this.


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