Boy racers doing ‘doughnuts’ at 3am in Watts Street

After a period of relative calm it seems that ASB activity in Watts Street is on the rise again. Local residents have noticed an increase in the numbers of boy racers parking up their cars on both sides of the road during the day and last night some idiots chose to perform ‘doughnuts’ in their cars at 3am.


For those not in the know a ‘doughnut’ is when a car is turned through 360 degrees with power up and brakes on, the resulting burnt tyre rubber leaving circular marks as the photos above and below clearly show.

An ASB warning sign can be seen in the background.


In addition to these stunts the attitude of those to be seen loitering in Watts Street during the day is that they have no regard for anyone living in the area leading to residents feeling intimidated outside their own homes.

LW witnessed this on Sunday afternoon when several youths decided to have a game of basketball in the middle of the road, the implicit message being that they have no regard for residents, the law or the local community.  With their cars parked each side of the road they effectively owned it.

Compare and contrast this attitude with the great community spirit of the Wapping Shindig the previous day. The opposite ends of life in Tower Hamlets.

Little point in upgrading lighting and CCTV surveillance in Watts Street or anywhere else if the law is not enforced.


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