Racist abuse experiences of Wapping resident

At least one Wapping resident has already experienced the darkness of Brexit inspired racism.

The resident, who LW will not be naming, is a Brazilian lady who has enjoyed living in our community for 12 years.

Yesterday in just a few hours she received no less than three text messages from other Brazilian friends living in the area who had each just been subjected to racist comments obviously inspired by the Brexit result.

Crazy country

“I came from Brazil to live here because Brazil is a crazy country. Now this country is crazy,” she said, still visibly shocked by the experiences of her friends.

LW reported our neighbour’s experiences to the Town Hall and received this swift response from the Mayor.

no-place-for-hate“Whilst we don’t currently know what wider impact Brexit will have, the reports of a short term rise in racially motivated abuse in some areas is very concerning,” said Mayor John Biggs. “Thankfully we have not yet seen any evidence of a spike in these incidents in Tower Hamlets but I have asked senior council officers to closely monitor the situation.” 

“Obviously the EU referendum result  is a big change for our country but as I have said before, I believe in the East End and am confident that we will weather this storm, and retain the sense of tolerance, community and diversity that has defined us for centuries.”

Become a No Place for Hate Champion

Tower Hamlets Council launched a new scheme to tackle discrimination and stamp out hate crime only a few days ahead of the Brexit stupidity that has plunged the UK into the greatest crisis since the Second World War.

The ‘Become a No Place for Hate Champion’ project is an award-winning scheme that is now offering borough residents four days of free training to develop skills to organise and deliver activities that make Tower Hamlets a better and fairer place to be.

Which is exactly what we all need right now.

All training will take place at the Town Hall, Mulberry Place, 5 Clove Crescent, London E14 2BG. Residents must attend all four of the training days to become a Champion. Dates for training days are available on the ‘Become a No Place for Hate Champion’ web page.

You can also find out more about the initiative by emailing hatecrime@towerhamlets.gov.uk or contact ing Nazma Begum or Menara Ahmed on 020 7364 6120 to find out more.

You must apply by 5pm on 30 June for your free place.

There is no place for hatred of any type in Tower Hamlets. We need to stop the despicable behaviour experienced by our Brazilian friend and neighbour now.

Racist abuse should be reported to the police immediately as with any other crime.


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