Limehouse cygnets enjoying a porridge oats breakfast

While the Wapping swans have only managed to breed one cygnet this year the Limehouse swans have four cygnets. We sent our Wildlife Documentary Team over to Limehouse to prove that there is wildlife in other parts of the East End apart from Wapping E1W.


Parents keeping a very careful guard over their latest brood.

Swans love porridge oats

One of the tricks our camera people use is feeding water birds porridge oats.

Yes, porridge oats.

This is much better for birds than bread and more appealing to a cygnet than a full fry up. And cheaper.

The only downside to porridge is that it is quite tricky to throw near to anything. In fact the oats usually end up on whatever our rangers are trying to feed. As you can see below.


Set cuteness factor to stun!


Oops! Porridge oats flavour cygnets


You eat off my back…


…hey let’s both eat off my back!




Cygnet feathers and porridge – an excellent pairing.


Courage and determination in the face of overwhelming porridge.



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