Limehouse Almost 5K Fun-Run Sunday 3rd July

The Limehouse Almost 5K Fun-Run takes place on Sunday 3rd July 2016 as part of LIMEfest 2016 which happens in Limehouse. Or so we are led to believe. Highly unlikely but that is what the organisers have told us.

The fun starts at 8.45am with the whole waking up thing and a warm up and the Almost 5k Run starts at 10am.

limehouse-medalsYou can register here for the LIMEfest 2016 The Almost 5k Fun Run.

And if you do the Almost 5K Run you will get a nice shiny medal! Woo hoo!

The place to meet is Limehouse Marina Elite, Limehouse Marina North Shore, E14 7LB which is right by Limehouse DLR of course.

LIMEfest 2016 itself will take place on Sunday 3 July 2016 between 12 noon and 5pm at Ropemakers Fields Limehouse London E14 8BX

It’s a free annual festival of fun and games for the whole family organised by the Limehouse Community Forum, with live music, the Canary Woof Dog Show, Tug O’ War, face painting, games, street food, fire engines and fitness.

The Wapping Mole may well be taking part in the Almost 5K Burrow but only if his Limehouse visa is still valid post Brexit.

Which is pretty unlikely.

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