Mr Burns fishing at Limehouse marina lock

It has been some time since Mr Burns the Grey Heron has graced the pages of LW so it is high time we caught up with one of Wapping’s favourite birds.

Our Wildlife Ranger Team (Rivers & Canal Branch) had often spotted Mr Burns sitting on the top of the Limehouse Basin lock gates. Just sitting. And sitting.


As usual Mr Burns took precious little notice of passing humans as of course they are neither fishy or edible.


Our Wildlife Rangers were puzzled at Mr Burn’s behaviour as the lock when full is quite deep and so is Limehouse Marina basin. And we all know Mr Burns only likes to fish in shallow water like Hermitage or Wapping canal.

One day recently the Rangers stopped to have a rest, worn out by their constant criss crossing of the borough, when they realised why Mr Burns likes Limehouse lock.


When the lock itself was almost empty something caught his eye.


And down he swooped.



And came to rest inside the structure of the lock gate itself.


Mystery solved. The water still remaining at the bottom of the empty lock is just the right depth for a Grey Heron to do some fishing.


And that makes Mr Burns very happy indeed.


Because all he has to do is wait. And wait. And then wait some more.



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