Gates to Tower Bridge Wharf could be closed at 6pm

A Planning Application (PA/15/03098 ) has been lodged with the Council to request that the public access gates to Tower Bridge Wharf should be closed at 6pm due to continuing Anti Social Behaviour in the area.

The big red arrow points to Tower Bridge Wharf.

Specifically PA/15/03098  is a variation of the original Planning Permission PA/03/01493 of 03/02/2004 to allow gates to Tower Bridge Wharf 86 St Katharine’s Way, London and Riverside Walkway to close at 6pm instead of 11pm. 

PA_15_03098 REVISED 1144375
Extract from Planning Application PA/15/03098 citing reasons for closure of gates at 6pm – ASB.

You can view and comment on this application by going to the Planning Section of the Tower Hamlets site and entering the reference PA/15/03098.

Tower Bridge Wharf. Nice view of our local bridge.

Continuing curse of ASB

The reason given for closing the gates to Tower Bridge Wharf at 6pm is because of ASB in the area.  No doubt these ASB incidents will have resulted in many 101 calls to the police and it will be interesting to see what the total is.

It is undoubtedly very unpleasant for residents of Tower Bridge Wharf to have their evenings marred by people drinking and generally being ignorant gits just below their balconies.

This cannot be accepted and the ASB must be stopped.

Our local bridge

But it would be giving in to the ASB thugs if ordinary law-abiding residents – aka the overwhelming majority – should be denied the amazing view that Tower Bridge Wharf provides of our local bridge.

People come all over the world to see our local bridge – they know it as Tower Bridge, a world icon for our country.

They should be allowed to view Tower Bridge from Tower Bridge Wharf or Hermitage Gardens or Capital Wharf (see below).

It is just not right to further enclose view of our River Thames, the very reason for the existence of Wapping, because of an ASB problem.

The views of the River Thames belong to everyone.

Too many times people or organisations have managed to quietly fence off another river view for their own reasons. Genuine reasons, but their own reasons.

Bit by bit, planning application by planning application, the views of the Thames have been enclosed.

Long, long ago and far, far away

This is not the first time LW has posted about plans to restrict access to the River Thames.

In fact this issue was the very reason why LW was started.

Long, long ago and far, far away some bright spark decided that there should be railings along Capital Wharf riverside walk. You know that lovely wide wall? Yep.

Capital Wharf – big red arrow indicates where the railings were going to be placed.

Indeed someone even started a petition.  Stop the railings at Capital Wharf riverside walk, Wapping

Below is an extract from the petition. Just replace ‘Capital Wharf’ with ‘Tower Bridge Wharf’.

“No one owns the views of the River Thames. Wapping is defined by its location. The history of Wapping and of the Thames are one and the same. It is both wrong and anti-social of a small number of anonymous residents of one block of flats (Capital Wharf) to restrict the view of the Thames from one of the best vantage points in the area.

This view of the river, as all others, should be open to all in Wapping, both residents and visitors.”

No sign of any railings so far.

So. Guess what the LW view is of the application for Tower Bridge Wharf?

Correct. Not gonna happen. But that’s just our view – what’s yours?

Have your say

Hop on over to the Planning Section of the Tower Hamlets site enter reference PA/15/03098 and have your say.

It’s your borough. It’s your river. It’s your view.



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