Chinese Futuristic Transit Elevated Bus for Wapping?

Much excitement in the narrow cobbled streets of Wapping today about the new China Futuristic Transport Concept 2016 Transit Elevated Bus TEB which is sure to be the answer to our clogged roads. 

The TEB gets round the usual problems with the D3 or D300 by riding above existing traffic.

The film of the scale model below was shown at the 19th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo.


A vision for public transportation

Some pessimists have pointed out that the width of the TEB is such that all housing in Wapping would have to be demolished to make way for it, but this is considered to be a minor drawback.

Sausage roll issues

Other cynics point out the massive cost, that is was not invented in the UK, that high vehicles like the MPS Marine Unit lorry would have their tops chopped off while it was stockpiling sausage rolls and pasties outside the bakers and other minor details.

Mr. Hussey’s cute little cars should be safe though.

Hey, if we can build a Garden Bridge why not this?

Transport for London have not been contacted for comment as yet.

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