Reverse the decision to cut Tower Hamlets Early Years’ Budget

Local Wapping charity Community Solutions is taking a stand against proposed cuts to Early Years budgets and has started a petition that Community Soltuions would like everyone to sign.

That means you. Yeah – you!

change-1076220_960_720The petition to ‘Reverse the Decision to make cuts to Tower Hamlets Early Years’ Budget’ has a modest initial target of 100 signatures but the more signatures the more options our community has to make our voices heard in the Town Hall.

Getting 1,000 people who live, work or study in the borough to sign means the community can call a council officer to give evidence before O&S Committee.

But the real prize is getting 2,000 signatures which means the community can request a debate on the issues of cuts to Early Years budgets at a full council meeting. So get signing!

The full text of the petition is below.

“As a result of cost savings imposed on Tower Hamlets Council due to Central Government cuts, our Children’s Centres (including Satellite Sites like purpose-built One ‘O’ Clock Clubs) and the services they deliver are under threat.

One in two children in Tower Hamlets is brought up in poverty – the highest rate of deprivation in the UK and higher than most other wealthy European countries. In addition to providing invaluable resources for children themselves, Tower Hamlets Children’s Centres also provide a lifeline to their carers who otherwise would be caught in the ‘childcare trap’ that prevents them from gaining training and employment.

The closure of Children’s Centres and their Satellite Sites will destroy the essential geographically-focussed reach which enables staff to really get a grasp on understanding the local needs of the community that surrounds them.

Wapping Children's Centre, Wapping Gardens
Wapping Children’s Centre One O’Clock Club, Wapping Gardens

A multi-site presence ensures that the vital Children’s and Families’ services provided at the Children’s Centres and Satellite Sites meet the local need. From ‘First Aid’ training, ‘Exercise, Dance & Song’ plus ‘Story & Rhyme’ sessions to Local Places of Interest Family Trips, our Children’s Centres offer a wide range of activities for children under five.

Irrespective of education or ability or wealth, children and families can access a range of facilities to support their sure start in life, health, education, adult training and adult employment including the chance to meet other families in the area. Children’s Centres are the supportive backbone for communities all round Tower Hamlets.

Please ensure the welfare of our children and families is maintained as a priority and reverse your decision to make cuts to the Integrated Early Years Budget.”

Petitions to Tower Hamlets Council

You can find out more about how petitions work by going to this page on the Council site then clicking on ‘Submit a Petition’ for the PDF.
But before you start you own could you sign this one please?
Click to help Reverse the Decision to make cuts to Tower Hamlets Early Years' Budget
Click to help Reverse the Decision to make cuts to Tower Hamlets Early Years’ Budget
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