Oh no! It’s the bleeding’ London marathon again!

Fun / boring as it is to watch people running themselves into the ground for the sake of good causes the annual London marathon is not great news for Wapping residents.

Because we all get locked in on Sunday 24th April. Road closures mean that if you drive you need to move your car outside of Wapping before the Virgin Money London Marathon lock-in.


If you are elderly and need to cross any of the main roads enclosing Wapping you will have to wait – and wait – to be allowed to cross at any of the pedestrian crossing points.

As these crossing points are not exactly numerous on the Highway LW’s best advice is to stay home.

By not exactly numerous we mean, er, one. Which is taking the piss to be honest.

Anyone who is elderly, is pushing a pram, in a wheelchair, or just not feeling that well is expected to walk all the way to the only crossing point at Glamis Road.

To add insult to injury the organisers of this year’s Virgin Money London Marathon can’t even be arsed to provide a link to details of road closure for Wapping residents on this page although Westcombe Park, Canary Wharf, Greenwich and even Rotherhithe just over the water get their own links.

Spot the missing name. Hint - begins with Wapp and ends with ing.
Spot the missing name. Hint – begins with Wapp and ends with ing.

Maybe we iz just not posh enuf in Wapping? And we don’t matter?

After a lot of searching LW did finally manage to find details of the Great Wapping Lock-In on this PDF Virgin Money London Marathon 2016 – Road Closure Leaflet.

Because this information is in a PDF it is completely inaccessible to any search engines – so you probably won’t have found it.

And it seems that some Wapping residents have not even had a leaflet through their door.

But then if we iz not posh mabbe dey fink we can’t reed good, innit?

Road Closures map

What a Wapping palaver! Info about Sunday’s marathon

Virgin Money London Marathon crossing points in Wapping & Shadwell

The Highway / Glamis Road – controlled by London Marathon marshals – crossing The Highway (north and south) – until 09:50 then again from approx 14:30.

Virgin Money London Marathon road closures in Wapping & Shadwell

Residents of Wapping are affected by the route as it passes along The Highway between miles 13 to 14 and again on the opposite carriageway between miles 21 to 22.

Where to park your car during Virgin Money London Marathon

Free local parking is available for Wapping residents at Bishop Challoner School, from 16:00 on Saturday 23 April until 16:00 on

Sunday 24 April. Access to the School is via Commercial Road and Steels Lane. Residents can leave their cars securely parked and

can return on foot at any time. Parked vehicles should exit the area northbound via Commercial Road, which is open eastbound and westbound.

Virgin Money London Marathon Wapping & Shadwell vehicle crossing point

A vehicle crossing point will operate at the junction of The Highway and Glamis Road during the road closure period, allowing entry and exit north and south. Residents are advised that vehicles will NOT be able to cross while there are runners on both carriageways of

Tower Hamlets road closures for Virgin Money London Marathon

  • Narrow Street
  • Limehouse Causeway
  • Westferry Road
  • East Ferry Road
  • Limeharbour
  • Marsh Wall
  • Trafalgar Way
  • Poplar High Street
  • Ming Street
  • West India Dock Road
  • Westferry Circus Lower Level

Many thanks to Owen Hammond for prompting the entire LW editorial staff to get off their fat arses and do this post.

And of course good luck to all those taking part in the Virgin Money London Marathon – maybe some of you could dress up as crossing points and lay down in the road just opposite McDonalds on The Highway?

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