Jim Fitzpatrick turns up pressure on Met & CPS

WOW! Our MP Jim Fitzpatrick took no prisoners during his Adjournment debate in the House of Commons on the complete failure by both the Metropolitan Police and Crown Prosecution to bring any prosecutions with regard to corruption and electoral fraud in Tower Hamlets. You can see Jim's excellent speech below on Parliament TV. It was held at 22.00hrs on Monday. The Commons might not have been packed but it was refreshing to see a politician speaking the truth on behalf of his constituents.

As you can see Jim laid out in a clear and precise manner the huge discrepancy between the damning findings of the electoral petition and the inept response by the Met and CPS. The response by the Cabinet Office minister was highly supportive - but ordinary people in the borough will not be happy until the guilty are locked up in jail. Many thanks to Jim and keep up the good work.    
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