Jim Fitzpatrick MP raises Met inquiry farce in Commons

Our local MP Jim Fitzpatrick has scheduled an Adjournment debate on the Metropolitan Police Special Enquiry Team investigation into electoral fraud in Tower Hamlets in the House of Commons on Monday 18th April.  Jim has already asked numerous questions in the House  about corruption in the borough.

Jim Fitzpatrick MP speaking in House of Commons

An Adjournment debate is a half-hour adjournment debate at the end of each day’s sitting.

They are an opportunity for an individual backbench MP to raise an issue and receive a response from the relevant Minister. MPs apply for an adjournment debate to the Speaker’s Office on a Wednesday for the following Tuesday to Monday.

The Speaker chooses the Thursday debate, for other days debates are allocated by ballot.


“Given the Judgement of the election court highlighting how much illegal activity there had been it is baffling how the MPS and CPS can just issue a statement saying not enough evidence for a prosecution, ” said Jim. “My two objectives are more information to explain that to the public and some assurance that the plaintiffs will receive their costs from somewhere.

It is an “end of day” debate so it will run for 30 minutes after the House has finished all the business on the Order paper which usually means 2200hrs but it can be earlier.”

Good luck to Jim for Monday!




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