ICO investigation into THH data theft widens scope

An update from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) into their investigation into the alleged data theft from Tower Hamlets Homes (THH) in 2015 which would seem to indicate that the ICO are not just looking at what went on in Tower Hamlets Homes:

 “Our investigation into the wider circumstances of this incident is still ongoing. We can’t comment any further until the investigation is concluded,” said an ICO spokesperson.

That’s the one line official statement.

The significant words are ‘the wider circumstances of this incident’.

LW has the feeling that these ‘wider circumstances’ might have repercussions that will go far beyond some isolated wrongdoing inside THH. Exactly what these are we will have to wait and see. And hopefully for not much longer.

One thing for sure is that residents of the borough are looking to the ICO for a rigorous investigation – unlike the lacklustre work of the Metropolitan Police into electoral crimes.

Let’s hope all involved are helping the ICO investigation team to the greatest extent possible.

For context to this statement read the LW stories below:


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