Colin the Cormorant lunching in Wapping canal (photos)

While we may only have one cygnet we always have Colin the Cormorant who has been displaying his amazing fishing skills in Wapping canal recently. The photographs below were taken on two separate days this week.

Day One – Fishes My Precious!

As the Love Wapping Wildlife Documentary Team (West Wapping Branch) were busy trying to get cute photos of fluffy cygnets they noticed a nautical kerfuffle happening some distance away. Despite being hampered by not having quite the right camera gear they began taking photos.

Colin the Cormorant was very busy gorging himself on not one but two HUGE fish as you can see from the photos below. Not the best quality images but our Wildlife Documentary Team (West Wapping Branch) hopes to improve over the summer.

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Day Two – Eely Wriggly

The next day the Wildlife Documentary Team (West Wapping Branch)  abandoned all interest in cute and fluffy cygnets and turned their attention towards Colin (or Phalacrocorax Carbo to be exact) and his fishing exploits. Just as the whole crew turned up on Wapping canal Colin was spotted engaged in a battle with a very wriggly eel.

The photos below are slightly better than the first set technically although not perfect. However our experts consider the almost serpent-like appearance of Colin and he tries to swallow his catch compensate for this.

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In the last photo you can just see the tail end (literally) of the eel sticking out of Colin’s mouth as he sets off for more fish and eels to fill up his tummy.

Folding flat fish

Our Wildlife Rangers are indebted to a friend of Wapping who came and chatted to our Wildlife Documentary Team the next day and told them a fascinating cormorant fact.

Apparently cormorants like to snack on flat fish on the Thames and when they catch them actually fold the flat fish so they can swallow them.

How amazing is that?

You can read an account of this behaviour on the site  and more details of the cormorants fondness for flat fish on BirdWords.


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