Hey Tanya Downs – this photo is just for you

Walking through Wapping Gardens today LW met Tanya’s father Gerald just by the bench which is now immersed in floral tributes – with some choice comments on the cards! – for our friend Tanya.

Tanya’s beloved Oscar was there, very well behaved and immaculately groomed as ever.

Our special LW Dog Photographer (West Wapping Division) was chatting to Tanya’s dad and thinking “I must get a nice photo of Oscar…”

Then without a word of encouragement or promise of any treats Oscar hopped onto the bench and sat facing LW as if he was being told to pose.

Oscar sitting among the flowers on Tanya's bench in Wapping Gardens.
Oscar sitting among the flowers on Tanya’s bench in Wapping Gardens.

According to our Dog Photographer dogs just don’t pose. But Oscar did.

A few shots were taken and Oscar hopped off again.

Note: If any of Tanya’s friends and family would like a copy of this photo please download the one above or get in touch and the LW Dog Photographer’s extensive darkroom team will send you a high resolution image.



Can any member of Tanya’s family or one of her friends help Clare Procter with this please?

Tanya Downs


Hi guys. Tanya was a much loved member of our Facebook page Oh Shihtzu. We, as a group would like to send her furbaby Oscar something (possibly a doggy hamper or such like) Unfortunately we do not know where to send it to. Could you help us please?

With kind regards

Clare x




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