Wapping Mole to burrow Wapping Mini Marathon 17th October

EXCLUSIVE: Sources close to LW say that the Wapping Mole is to make a rare public appearance next Saturday 17th October at the Wapping Mini Marathon.

The Wapping Mole finally breaks cover. Image courtesy Dieder Plu, Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

The precise reasons why the Wapping Mole is to change the habit of a lifetime of burrowing through the dirt to actually appear in public are unclear.

Sources close to Moley believe it might be because the Wapping Mole is a supporter of and occasional volunteer for local Wapping charity Community Solutions who organise the annual fund raising event.

Indeed he can occasionally be seen burrowing under Wapping Green during his lunch break from various Community Solutions charity duties – sorry about the molehills.

Pramming encouraged

According to Community Solutions at the Wapping Mini Marathon “you can rollerblade, walk, run skateboard, amble, stroll or push a pram around a course of either 1.6km, 3km or 5km  around Shadwell Basin.”

Seems like fun but no mention of burrowing. Oops.

‘Pramming’ seems ok though – see photo below taken at theWapping Mini Marathon charity fund raiser last year.

Community Solutions Mini Marathon Shadwell Basin
‘Pramming’ the Community Solutions Mini Marathon in 2014

The emphasis of the Wapping Mini Marathon is on taking part and having fun rather than demonstrating any Olympic potential and sponsored runners, amblers, rollerbladers – and burrowers – can raise money for Community Solutions to carry on doing what they do.

No song and dance

Community Solutions is a small but perfectly formed (like Moley!) charity and does a lot for Wapping, but like most charities Community Solutions does not make a song and dance about it – although LW knows of at least one young lady who would try given half a chance…

One of the more public events Community Solutions have organised was last year’s incredibly popular Wapping Christmas Fayre.

To find out more about Community Solutions pop over to their website.

Will the Wapping Mole appear?

Our mole correspondent says that the Wapping Mole will only make a public appearance next weekend if lots and lots of people come along and join him with their sponsorship forms completed.

That’s a bit cheeky! But then he is the Wapping Mole…

So best you get busy! You can find out more about the Wapping Mini Marathon and download sponsorship forms on their website or by emailing wappingminimara@gmail.com or calling Christine on 07891 138 950.

Corporate sponsorship required

You can also donate online and give Community Solutions most if not all of your disposable income.

Moley does not have any income so doesn’t see why you should have any cash either.

Community Solutions are also on the lookout for corporate sponsorship so if you happen to own a business then the Wapping Mole can assure you this is a cracking opportunity to do the whole ‘big business supporting local communities’ thing all at once and save on paperwork.

Come and meet the Wapping Mole – maybe

The Wapping Mole looks forward to meeting you in person next Saturday 17th October at the Wapping Mini Marathon.

Possibly. Maybe. If he feels like it.


Because his appearing or not appearing depends on you getting lots of sponsorship. Simples!






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