Vote for Cinnamon Cafe in the #LoveLondonAwards

Last year Cinnamon Coffee Shop won the Time Out Love London Awards – and this year you can vote for them to ensure Cinnamon win it again because they have been shortlisted! Hooray!

All you have to do is go to the Time Out site or direct to the Cinnamon Coffee Shop page on the Love London Awards section and do the whole voting thing.

LW is frequently stopped in the street by people who want to know the answer to only one question:

“When is the new Turks Head opening? We need fry ups!” Neither LW or even the Wapping Mole knows. But probably soon.

We asked this bearded builder chappie we met in Green Bank this afternoon if he knew anything and all he did was grin and hold this #LoveLondonAwards card up.

Bearded builder chappie

The new management of the Turks Head cafe might want to know that this photo was taken at 3.30 in the afternoon!

No wonder it’s taking soooooooooooooo long for the new Turks Head cafe to open and get back to feeding our community if the builders turn up so late.

What would Leyla and Jan think?

Come on Ronald! Get a move on – people are hungry!

In the meantime please vote for Cinnamon Coffee Shop to win the Love London Awards section.

Maybe that will get the builders busy?

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