Internet of Things may have bypassed Reardon Path

There is a grand geek scheme known as the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) which is a wizard plan to connect physical objects embedded with software to each other over networks.

This will mean that you can smear your DNA onto the keypad of a car wash machine in Whitechapel which will then ensure a Mars bar is delivered to your house the following Sunday gift wrapped according to your genetic makeup.

Compare and contrast this concept with the photograph below taken in Reardon Street this morning.


Our Special Internet of Things Correspondent couldn’t be bothered to walk around the notice to read the stuff either side of the middle bit so here is a transcript of just the middle bit:

Prohibition of Traffic

Hereby given, that the Council

Hamlets proposes to make an Order

from entering, stopping, or proc

in Reardon Path for a distance

its junction with Wapping High St


on vehicular traffic will enable

the public highway by Prime Cons

ive route for vehicular traffic will operate

to Monday 2nd May 2016 and at time

are placed on the public highway

tons and General Directions 2002.

er any queries regarding the above

, Network Coordinator, Clean, Gree

or email joh.parson@tower.h

October 2015

Simon Baxter

Interim Service Head, Public

We hope that is clearer.

Basic information needs

As useful as this may be the reality for most east London residents is that basic information is unavailable to them.

Most people have simple daily information needs such as local news, opening times of shops, travel disruption, health care contacts, social housing swaps and of course any lost cats.

Longer term people in Wapping might want to know about issues that might have a wider impact such as planning applications.

At one extreme planning applications are often for basic stuff such as installing double glazing. At the other they can be for massive developments such as London Dock that will change Wapping forever.

In between there is the other stuff and it tends to be this other stuff that impacts peoples lives the most.

Problem is that it is very difficult to find out about the other stuff unless you (a) possess enough IT skills to search the THC planning application database or (b) know what is going on already.

The last (and only) time LW visited the Town Hall our entire team, speaking with once voice, mentioned this very issue.

This is not just a Tower Hamlets Council problem. It is a problem for every local authority across the country.

Solution? No idea.

What planning application does the very narrow notice refer to? No idea.



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