Charity BBQ in road outside Hussey’s Wapping Lane

There will be a BBQ in aid of Cancer Research UK Friday October 2nd and Saturday October 3rd 12-3 PM in the road outside Hussey’s Lane.

Sounds like a great opportunity to get some great food untouched by global multinational food retailers.


As you will recall there has been a lot of Council created nonsense regarding Mr Hussey’s charity BBQs recently which has now been resolved. 

So make sure you get down to Wapping Lane tomorrow or Saturday between 12 and 3 to help Cancer Research UK and enjoy lovely proper burgers.

If anyone from the Council should turn up they may well be served a large slice of Humble Pie.

But only if they make a big charity donation first.

Mmmm…. burgers.

Oh and if you can’t find the BBQ outside Hussey’s butchers tomorrow look for it in the road where it has always been.

Just a hint.

Cheeseburger for the Wapping Mole please!


A cheeseburger - a threat to society?
Our cheeseburger – not yours. Ours. All of it.


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