Avoid Cable Street junction Leman Street Sunday PM

Update 12:54 04 October

Seems Class War have cancelled this protest as they were scared of getting nicked. Which is how policing is supposed to work.  

Probably a very good idea to avoid the area around Cable Street at its junction with Leman Street early this afternoon as Class War have a protest planned outside the Jack the Ripper ‘museum’ at 2PM.


The ‘museum’ is at 12 Cable Street just before the junction with Leman Street and Mint Street.

Class War are the same group who caused mayhem outside the Cereal Cafe in Shoreditch last week and as Tower Hamlets Police are likely to be out in force to prevent a repetition of the disorder on that occasion there is bound to be disruption in the area.

While social problems caused by the continued gentrification of the East End (and the rest of London) is an issue many support no one wants violence on our streets.

The Jack the Ripper ‘museum’ has been the centre of various protests recently as its owners conned Tower Hamlets Council into allowing them planning permission for a ‘women’s history museum’.

The sooner the Jack the Ripper ‘museum’ is closed down by the Council the better.


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