Rahman back in court, will appeal election fraud conviction

Lutfur Rahman is appearing at the Royal Courts of Justice today Wednesday 30th September as the election petitioners try to confirm who owns various properties in his name.

If it can be proved that Rahman is the owner then the properties can be sold to pay his court costs.

“Lutfur Rahman said before the election trial that he believed in British justice,” said Andy Erlam, one of the petitioners.

Andy Erlam

“The High Court found him guilty and ruled that he must pay all the costs on the petitioners side amounting to approximately £500k. So why six months later have we not been paid?”

Very good question Mr Erlam.

Lutfur Rahman

Short arms, deep pockets

Rahman’s approach to paying up out of his own pocket is in marked contrast to his generosity with Tower Hamlets Council grant money. Odd that.

If further proof was needed that Rahman holds the British justice system in complete contempt it comes in the form of confirmation that he has lodged an appeal against his conviction for election fraud in the form of a Judicial Review.

No win, no fee, no joke

The election petitioners lawyers and research team are working without being paid on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, but the petitioners still have to pay court fees and a costs lawyer up-front.

And seeking justice in the High Court is not cheap.

As a result the petitioners are now appealing for £5,000 to cover court costs. And at least a further £23k is needed before justice is finally done – probably in August 2016.

The Wapping Mole and all his burrowing friends across the borough who are even now still digging around for the truth urges everyone to contribute to the election petitioners costs.

Just click the Big Red Button below and give them some cash.


They took on corruption in Tower Hamlets and won. We all benefit but they are the only ones paying the price.

That does not seem right.

Community investigation

The investigation into Rahman and the other corruptly elected Tower Hamlets First councillors (still getting paid their allowances remember) was and still is a community investigation.

People from all walks of life have contributed what they know to unearthing the truth about the cess pit of corruption that has tarnished the name of our borough.

Even now Tower Hamlets residents are coming forward with information.

Appeal for information

Maybe someone out there knows something that will finally end the farce of Rahman ducking and diving to evade justice?

Could that person be you?

If you know of anything that might be of help please tell the Wapping Mole who will pass it on to the petitioners legal team.

Please don’t go to the police with information – it would be wasted.

“He owns HOW many houses? Can we have one?”


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