Hussey’s BBQ – a victory for common sense (and sausages)

Hurray! Common sense has prevailed and Mr Hussey will be allowed to continue with his charity BBQs in Wapping Lane without being hit with a £150 fine.

The Wapping Mole understands that the ever watchful Cllr. Julia ‘JD’ Dockerill heard about the nonsense situation of the BBQs having to be cancelled because they were deemed to be ‘profit for trade’ by the Council and immediately got on the case.

Cheese please

No sooner than you could say ‘cheese on my burger please!’ than Julia had waived her magic wand and all was well.

No £150 fine so Hussey’s charity BBQs are go!

Mr Hussey was quite pleased at the Council’s decision not to fine him.

LW would like to thank Mr Baxter from LBTH who sorted the whole thing out and cancelled the penalty charge.

Charity BBQ Friday and Saturday Oct 2nd and 3rd

So LW is pleased to announce that there will be a Macmillan BBQ in aid of Cancer Research UK outside Hussey’s on Friday and Saturday Oct 2nd and 3rd  between the hours of 12.00 – 3.00pm.

Nice work JD!


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