Wapping charity BBQ is ‘Profit for Gain’ says Council

In just the last year Hussey’s of Wapping Lane BBQs have raised over £3,000 for charities such as the Marie Curie Care, Cancer Research UK and the London Air Ambulance.

£3,000 in one year. And Hussey’s have been doing charity BBQs for years.

But Hussey’s will not be having any more BBQs for good causes.


Charity BBQ is ‘Profit for Gain’

Why? Because Tower Hamlets Council is fining them £150 every time they put their BBQ in the road outside the butchers.

Yes, you read that correctly.

A £150 fine. Because it seems that this sort of BBQ is an activity for ‘Profit and Gain’.

£400 raised by Hussey’s BBQ at just one event for London Air Ambulance

Quite how anyone can interpret a charity BBQ as being a money making scheme is beyond any logical reasoning.

Cheap suits

Even for a jobsworths in a cheap suit this is a new low.

Worryingly this is just the latest in a series of incidents which seem to indicate that someone in Tower Hamlets Council has got it in for the Wapping Lane shops.

A cheeseburger - a threat to society?
A cheeseburger – a threat to society?

During the summer both of Hussey’s shops as well as Best One were hit with fines by the Council for obstructing the pavement.

In case you missed these obstructions most of them took the form of the wonderful display of flowers outside Hussey’s fruit and veg shop.

Making the world a better place – and then getting grief from the Council.

Yep. Incredible isn’t it? Local shops which are a core part of our community being penalised for making the world a brighter place.

Flowers? Coloured flowers? These were removed while a permit was applied for. A flowers permit presumably.

Love Wapping did not report on this incident at the time as one of our ace councillors heard about it and sorted it out – thanks Denise! – and LW did not want to make a mountain out of molehill.

Even a Wapping molehill.

Conspiracy theory

But this latest council nonsense seems to confirm the theory that someone in Mulberry Place has got it in for the shops in Wapping Lane.

Who we do not know (although we intend to find out).

The more pressing question is why?

Maybe one of the dregs of the Rahman regime that still infests the Town Hall has decided to give Wapping some grief for some obscure reason.

Picked on

Bottom line is that if Wapping’s shops are being picked on then our community is being picked on.

As we all know the Wapping Lane shops are literally around the corner from Watts Street.

And any Greenbank resident will tell you that of late Watts Street has become a magnet for anti-social behaviour.

ASB Magnet

Watts Street after a party night by the ASBO crew

Despite the best efforts of our local policing team every night numerous cars park up in Watts Street and their occupants then spend several hours playing their car stereos, smoking joints and generally being very unpleasant to all and sundry until the early hours.

The next morning the road is littered with empty takeaway boxes, chicken bones, drinks cans and more.

Watts Street after a party night by the ASBO crew

One Saturday night there were between 20 and 30 of these people disturbing everyone in the flats.

Verbal abuse

When a resident opened their window and asked the ASBO idiots to keep the noise down they were met with a volley of verbal abuse.

The CCTV camera on the corner of Watts Street and Wapping Lane does not look into Watts Street where the real problem is but Wapping Lane.

ASB Watts Street

And it does not even work.

And that sums up this sad story.

The real problems persist unchallenged while someone earns a living creating problems where none exist.

Welcome to Tower Hamlets.

Maybe the departure of the previous Mayor has not changed our borough as much as we thought.

Public meeting

Update 13 September 2015: Residents are considering organising a public meeting about the ASB in Watts Street. As soon as we have details we will let you know. 



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