Lutfur Rahman & his financial backers – revealed

Properties, cars – now the really interesting stuff. Money. Denied access to public funds who has been helping Lutfur Rahman financially? Documents lodged with the court tell all. Well, almost all.

Below are three tables which are just three different ways of looking at the people and organisations that have loaned money to Rahman to help him along a bit.

  1. Money loaned to Lutfur Rahman for electoral petition and Judicial Review (original list supplied to court by counsel for Rahman).
  2. Money loaned to Lutfur Rahman – payments by individuals or organisations ordered by amount
  3. Total loans by companies to Lutfur Rahman

Have a look for yourself. Recognise any names? We think you will.

Money loaned to Lutfur Rahman for electoral petition and Judicial Review

NoDateFromAmount (£)
117/07/2014Rafia Munni8,000
219/08/2014All Seasons Lettings5,000
319/08/2014All Seasons Lettings15,000
503/09/2014Rafia Munni1,730
603/09/2014Rafla Munni7,500
704/09/2014Shenaly Miah15,000
805/09/2014Rujina Yasmin5,000
1008/09/2014Ayesha Farid270
1108/09/2014Rafla Munni5,500
1215/09/2014Foujiya Sultana5,000
1315/09/2014Foujiya Sultana10,000
1415/09/2014Foujiya Sultana10,000
1519/09/2014Nanu Miah6,000
1624/10/2014All Seasons Lettings10,000
1731/10/2014CLR Maium Miah2,000
18Nov/2014Afia Farid1,000
19Nov/2014Rafla Munni2,000
20Nov/2014Rafla Munni3,000
21Nov/2014Mehdi Hasan Choudhury (Radi)3,500
22Nov/2014Syed Misbaul Reza2,000
23Nov/2014Syed Shahriar3,000
24Nov/2014Rafia Munni2,000
25Nov/2014Shenaly Miah5,000
26Nov/2014Rafla Munni3,000
27Nov/2014Foujiya Sultana15,000
28Nov/2014Rafla Munni10,000
29Nov/2014Mehdi Hasan Choudhury (Radi)5,000
30Nov/2014Mamunur Rahman5,000
31Nov/2014Saif Uddin Moni1,000
32Nov/2014Lutfur Rahman3,000
33Nov/2014Rujina Yasmin2,000
34Nov/2014Dipa Begum3,000
35Nov/2014Shamsun Noor5,000
36Nov/2014Shamsun Noor7,000
37Nov/2014CLR Aminur Khan2,000
38Nov/2014All Seasons Lettings10,000
39Nov/2014CLR G Rabbani5,000
40Nov/2014Nafisa Nargis Robbani5,000
4103/11/2014Roseina Yasmin10,000
4206/11/2014Mohammed Abdul Munim25,000
4314/11/2014Lutfur Rahman1,000
4414/11/2014Lutfur Rahman2,000
4518/11/2014Lutfur Rahman2,000
4620/11/2014Mamunur Rahman3,000
4721/11/2014Afia Farid2,000
48Dec-2014Fateha Ahmed5,000
49Dec/2014Amirul Choudhury10,000
5003/12/2014Mohammed Abdul Munim25,000
5109/12/2014Foujiya Sultana40,000
5219/12/2014CLR Aminur Khan10,000
5319/12/2014Anuwar Ali10,000
5429/12/2014Mehdi Hasan Choudhury (Radi)10,000
5529/12/2014Mamunur Rahman3,000
5629/12/2014Jayed Khan10,000
5729/12/2014Mornotaz Begum5,000
5830/12/2014Lutfur Rahman2,000
5930/12/2014Mehrajul Islam Bokul Syed3,000
6030/12/2014CLR Maium Miah2,500
61Jan/ (10,8,7)25,000
6202/01/2015CLR Aminur Khan2,500
6305/01/2015Syed Farazul Islam2,000
6421/01/2015Afia Farid1,000
6523/01/2015Muzirul Haque25,000
6626/01/2015Mehdi Hasan Choudhury (Radi)1,000
6730/01/2015Muzirul Haque8,000
68Feb/2015London Training Centre5,000
69Feb/2015Amirul Choudhury5,000
7002/02/2015Saif Uddin Moni4,000
7103/02/2015Lutfur Rahman1,000
7204/02/2015Zuber Ahmed3,000
7306/02/2015Zuber Ahmed3,000
7406/02/2015Muzirul Haque9,000
7506/02/2015London Training Centre7,000
7606/02/2015Anuwar Ali10,000
7723/02/2015A Chowdhury10,000
7823/02/2015A Chowdhury10,000
7927/02/2015Amirul Choudhury10,000
8002/03/2015Baig Ahmed2,000
8103/03/2015Salik Zahid5,000
8209/03/2015Baig Ahmed2,000
8309/03/2015Amirul Choudhury10,000
8409/03/2015Shamsun Noor5,000
8509/03/2015Razia Salique3,000
8609/03/2015Lutfur Rahman3,000
8709/03/2015Saif Uddin Moni2,000
8809/03/2015Suma Rahman2,000
8909/03/2015Kamal Uddin Chowdhury1,000
9010/03/2015Sanjid Sarni5,000
9110/03/2015Saleh Abed3,000
9210/03/2015Syed Ferdous Ali3,000
9310/03/2015London Training Centre5,000
9411/03/2015Baig Ahmed1,000
9511/03/2015Masuma Sultana2,000
9616/03/2015Salik Zahid1,000
9716/03/2015London Training Centre5,000
9830/03/2015Ashadur Rahman10,000
9907/04/2015Saif Uddin Moni1,000
10010/04/2015CLR Sullik Ahmed15,000
10113/04/2015CLR Sullik Ahmed15,000
10216/04/2015Lutfur Rahman3,700
10316/04/2015Kamal Uddin Chowdhury300
10424/04/2015Shamsun Noor5,000
10528/04/2015CLR Sullik Ahmed10,000
10630/04/2015CLR G Rabbani5,000
10730/04/2015Rina Begum11,000
10830/04/2015Jabir Miah4,000
10905/05/2015CLR Sullik Ahmed20,000
11008/05/2015Mazharul Alom3,000
11113/05/2015Afia Farid1,000
11213/05/2015Shamsun Noor2,000
11313/05/2015Mehdi Hasan Choudhury (Radi)5,000
11413/05/2015Ahfaz Miah9,000
11513/05/2015Ahfaz Miah1,000
11614/05/2015Azm Adbullah Zaki5,000
11714/05/2015Masuma Sultana5,000
11814/05/2015Foujiya Sultana2,500
11914/05/2015M lslam5,000
12014/05/2015M lslam5,000
12115/05/2015Mohammed Abdul Munim10,000
12215/05/2015Mamunur Rahman500
12318/05/2015Tufeil Sattar1,000

Looking at the same data by adding up how much each individual or organisation lent to Lutfur is very interesting.

You can see that one Foujiya Sultana is top of the list as she donated a total of £82,500. She is one of Lutfur’s nieces who works in admin for the NHS.

Money loaned to Lutfur Rahman - payments by individuals or organisations ordered by amount.

FromSubtotal (£)
Foujiya Sultana82,500
CLR Sullik Ahmed60,000
Mohammed Abdul Munim60,000
Muzirul Haque42,000
All Seasons Lettings40,000
Amirul Choudhury35,000
Rafla Munni31,000 (10,8,7) 25,000
Mehdi Hasan Choudhury (Radi)24,500
Shamsun Noor24,000
London Training Centre22,000
A Chowdhury20,000
Anuwar Ali20,000
Shenaly Miah20,000
Lutfur Rahman17,700
CLR Aminur Khan14,500
Rafia Munni11,730
Mamunur Rahman11,500
Rina Begum11,000
Ahfaz Miah10,000
Ashadur Rahman10,000
CLR G Rabbani10,000
Jayed Khan10,000
M lslam10,000
Roseina Yasmin10,000
Saif Uddin Moni8,000
Masuma Sultana7,000
Rujina Yasmin7,000
Nanu Miah6,000
Salik Zahid6,000
Zuber Ahmed6,000
Afia Farid5,000
Azm Adbullah Zaki5,000
Baig Ahmed5,000
Fateha Ahmed5,000
Mornotaz Begum5,000
Nafisa Nargis Robbani5,000
Sanjid Sarni5,000
CLR Maium Miah4,500
Jabir Miah4,000
Dipa Begum3,000
Mazharul Alom3,000
Mehrajul Islam Bokul Syed3,000
Razia Salique3,000
Saleh Abed3,000
Syed Ferdous Ali3,000
Syed Shahriar3,000
Suma Rahman2,000
Syed Farazul Islam2,000
Syed Misbaul Reza2,000
Kamal Uddin Chowdhury1,300
Tufeil Sattar1,000
Ayesha Farid270

And lastly look at these organisations and the amounts they lent to Lutfur.

Total loans by companies to Lutfur Rahman

OrganisationAmount (£)Registration Number
LIMEHOUSE.COM LTD25,0005457655

All jolly interesting stuff.

It seems fitting that as the new Mayor of Tower Hamlets ushers in a new era of transparency and openness that LW can help shine a little bit of light on the activities of his predecessor and chums.

We enjoyed ourselves so much today we might do it again sometime.

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8 thoughts on “Lutfur Rahman & his financial backers – revealed

  1. This is first time I learned a British politician can get that much loan from individual people. But for what reason and how he will repay them. For what reason those people backed him with that much money?

  2. M A Uddins comment sums up exactly what is wrong with this borough. If I didn’t know better I would have thought it’s a provocation by BNP or at least UKIP – sadly I’ve heard enough of such opinions from real people to know it isn’t. We must be thankful for these ‘traitors’ who have enough integrity and decency to oppose corruption coming from within their own community.

  3. I think all the Bangladeshi British people who went against the former mayor are a bunch of losers who cannot get over the fact he done a great job for the borough of Tower Hamlets.
    They need to study history and see how they have been used by the indigenous population and the cycle goes on. Soon they will be wanting badges of distinction for their treachury.

    I believe rahman did have a fiddle but so so all the incumbents and the new one is so unworthy.


    1. “.. a bunch of losers” That is probably one of the more coherent arguments in support of the corrupt ex-Mayor. The only people he did a great job for were his mates.

    2. You are talking history. Think about your community, your country where you are now. Your duty and responsibility towards your children, family, community, country and the wider world. Excuse me for my innocent comment.

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