Women’s history museum becomes Jack the Ripper gorefest

A museum glorifying the macabre crimes of Jack the Ripper has opened at 12 Cable Street* – but the premises is supposed to be a Women’s Museum celebrating the Women’s Suffrage movement.

(12 Cable Street is the Tower Hill end just in case there are going to be any demonstrations outside and you want to go along…)

Local residents are extremely upset but Tower Hamlets Council states that it ‘has no control in planning terms of the nature of the museum.’

The Council is checking to see if any ‘unauthorised works have been carried out’ however.

So not a museum of Women's History then?
So not a museum of Women’s History then?

Here’s a quote taken directly from the first page of the Planning Application PA/14/02024 (PDF) which is liberally illustrated with emotive photographs of women fighting for their rights:

“1.1 Vision and goals

The museum will recognise and celebrate the women of the East End – the famous, the infamous and the anonymous – who have shaped history.

As well as telling the story of how women have been instrumental in changing society the museum will also examine the context against which these changes took place. It will analyse the social, political and domestic experience of women from the time of the boom in growth in the East End in the Victorian period through the waves of immigration to the present day.

Despite the immense contribution of the women of the East End to the historical, social, political and economic development of the United Kingdom, no museum exists to showcase their achievements.

The Museum of Women’s History would rectify this. Following the closure in 2013 of the Women’s Library in Old Castle Street, the Museum of Women’s history would be the only dedicated resource in the East End to women’s history . Globally over 100 women’s museums exist. This will be the first women’s museum in the UK .”

If anyone spots any mention of ‘Jack the Ripper’ in the above quote that we have missed please get in touch.

Pass the sick bag

If the above corporate bullshit is not enough to make you throw up try this from the next page of the Planning Application:

“Our values

These values are at the core of the organisation. guiding how we do things and forming the basis of our culture:

  • Diversity and inclusion – we are a museum for all the community and are open and accessible to all
  • Learning – knowledge and scholarship are our foundation
  • Excellence – we strive for excellence in all that we do”

Puking yet?

If not this will do it:

“Our mission is to inspire a passion for, and understanding of, the history of women in East London and beyond . We will do this through increasing public awareness, appreciation and understanding of the role of London’s women in the social, political and cultural heritage of London.”

What utter bollocks.

Building work is still being finished at 12 Cable Street
Building work is still being finished at 12 Cable Street

Tower Hamlets Council statement

A Tower Hamlets council spokesperson said: “Planning permission was granted in October 2014 for the change of use of the premises to space for a museum. The council was advised at that time that the premises were intended to be used as a Women’s Museum and supporting information was submitted with the application to suggest that the vision of the museum was to tell the story of women of the East End of London. Ultimately, however, the council has no control in planning terms of the nature of the museum.


“The council has subsequently granted consents for extensions to the premises and the refurbishment of the front of the building. The council is aware of the Jack the Ripper imagery and is investigating the extent to which unauthorised works may have been carried out at the premises.”

For more information:

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  1. Right, I’d better get in my application for The Cable Street Museum Of The Jewish East End that is really a celebration of Oswald Mosley.

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