Two mayoral candidates? Or one mayoral candidate?

This photo of an election leaflet from Rabina Khan’s team was forwarded to LW earlier this afternoon.

Not being Bengali speakers we do not know what the text says. (See update below).

Rabina Khan election leaflet
Rabina Khan election leaflet

Without understanding the words it would be completely understandable to assume that both of these people are standing for election as mayor of Tower Hamlets.

Maybe they are.

Update 15:33 11 June 2015

Many thanks to one of our readers who has provided us with this translation.

It says – The public/voters should judge and decide. Please make Rabina Khan the winner with majority votes.

In white it’s written – Last time you made me the winner by around 37k votes. This time please elect Rabina Khan and show that your taking the right decision.

In Red – Most of the text is not visible, partial translation is:  Rabina Khan says – Will work for improvement and growth, will be answerable to the public/voters.

So now you know!





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