Rabina Khan reports Love Wapping to police re “Leafletgate”

‘Leafletgate’ is the subject of a news story in today’s edition of the Evening Standard with the headline ‘Met investigates “abuses” in re-run of Rahman election’ and Rabina Khan ain’t happy.

Page 12 Evening Standard 04 June 2015
Page 12 Evening Standard 04 June 2015

You can find all the #leafetgate stories here including of course the two the police enquiry relates to which are:

This probably explains this little tweet from @RabinaKhan today:

.@LoveWapping Hi Mark, sorry but due to your repeated false statements about my personal conduct I’ve had to refer your blog to police

Personal conduct? Whatever can she mean? Is there something in Rabina’s personal life we are not aware of?
I think she means her personal conduct in the election.

You know, the #leafletgate thing.

Or have we mentioned that already?

Tower Hamlets First candidates such as Ms. Khan have never shown much sense of humour, but the next tweet from Ms. Khan had the entire LW editorial staff rolling on the floor with laughter.

.@LoveWapping Given circumstances under which this election is being held I’m sure you’ll understand importance of following election law

Rumours that our entire Investigative Journalism team wet their trousers because they were laughing so hard are completely true.

Bad timing

It is possible that the reason the ex-Mayor’s preferred candidate is a bit touchy today is because the story in the Evening Standard broke on the same day of the BBC London 94.9 hustings event tonight at 5.

Here’s a reminder from Rabina to tune in:

I’ll be on BBC London 94.9 this evening at 5 debating other candidates for mayor – please tune in if you can! #bbclondon

Any guesses what some of the questions might be about?