Another hustings, another no show by Rabina Khan

Rabina Khan doesn’t seem to like hustings much. Despite confirming attendance at the Rainbow Hamlets LGBT Hustings at Oxford House, Derbyshire Street, E2 6HG on Monday 1 June 6.30pm – 8.30pm she did not turn up.

She sent a message of apology. So where was she?

Thanks to her colleague Mahbub Alam, aka the ‘Selfie King’, we do know where she was. Out canvassing in St. Dunstans ward.

The reason we know this is because Mahbub (@MahbubAlam01) posted a photo on Twitter of Rabina Khan and chums in Killick Way at 8.34pm at the end of a campaigning session.

So that is where Rabina Khan was. The same time as the Rainbow Hamlets hustings were being held, just over a mile away.

We know but we ain’t telling

LW knows the reason Rabina gave for her no show.

But because of the trouble we caused last time Rabina didn’t show up to a hustings event we thought this time you could just guess what the reason was. (And no it’s not meeting the police re leafletting this time).

Below are some photos that will explain the story.








If you really want to know what reason Rabina Khan gave for not attending this hustings try asking on twitter using the hashtag #whereisrabina

Thanks Mahbub

LW would like to thank the Selfie King for his timely tweet without which this story would not have been possible.

Keep on snapping Mahbub!


2 thoughts on “Another hustings, another no show by Rabina Khan

  1. When I was a boy I was taught time and time again that lying IS WRONG. I wonder how dark and rotten Rabina’s heart is and about the grim circumstances in which she was raised because she appears to be a compulsive liar.

    Lying is wrong Rabina. It is even more unacceptable as a character trait in someone who aspires to public service. Dishonesty should be a bar to elected office.

    “I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.”

  2. Are we really surprised that this crook and member of the homophobic former THF didn’t turn up to the Rainbow Hamlets hustings?

    I can only hope that her heartfelt text message describing her poor daughters health issue, which she claims prevented her attending, doesn’t tempt fate.

    Shame on you Rabina, you filthy liar!

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